© Camille Lenain

Une conférence-dansée d’Habibitch : a tool to think about the systems that shape our daily social relationships.

Racism, privilege(s), domination(s), resistance, creation, community(s), fundamental concepts dissected under a sharp, mobile decolonial magnifying glass, in a literal setting in motion punctuating speech.

Decolonize the dancefloor, a performance in the image of its interpreter, embodied, complex, impactful, funny, resilient, committed, political.


At the crossroads of several disciplines and identities, Habibitch is a decolonial feminist queer artist-activist born in Algeria and based in Paris, building an artistic practice as awake as her politics.

Using spaces ranging from the ballroom stage to alternative festivals or institutional places, Habibitch's performances and speeches are always intersectional, decolonizing the dancefloor wherever it goes. Dance your policy and politicize your dance, a punchline of the life of this Swiss knife artist.

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Performance / Salle de la communauté

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