I’M BRUJA x Annabel Guérédrat · KLAP

Annabel Guérédrat, Choreographer and Performer - Artincidence Co.

"I'm a bruja" means "I am a witch." The "Brujas" are witches, Afro-Caribbean women who mix Yoruba and Caribbean rituals. The "bruja" is also the witch in the sense that she invents, brings together the different artistic and research fields, intrigues, takes care of herself, others, space and nature.
Princess Nokia's "Brujas" music video is the main inspiration for Annabel's solo "I'm a bruja".
Thus the performer, alone on the board, wears one to one five skins of "brujas" corresponding to five successive tables that intertwine as the performance progresses.

© Aurélia Mazoyer