Mr. K. x Jérôme Marin & Antoine Bernollin

Created in 2001, Monsieur K. is a musical show, a chaotic and imaginary ballad in the cabaret song. He first performed texts by Bertoldt Brecht and in 2006 launched his own repertoire. He is joined by the musician and composer, Antoine Bernollin, who wears the clothes of Mr. Anna Petrovna and now accompanies him on the piano.

Making a certain tradition of cabaret song (from the Black Cat to the Berlin Cabaret, from the Café concert to the Cabaret "left bank"), Mr. K. has long taken his own path where the audience is never merely a spectator.

Thus, more than a staging, the Ball of Illusions is a "public release" and a performative approach to the recital. Leaving room for possible impromptu, creating game schemes with the audience to make him another stage partner.

It was there, after the number of the oriental dancer, that I entered the scene, blushed like an old Marquise who, after ten years of exile, would return to the court: the deft heel, the murderous smile, and this costume... hardly patched up.

Mr. K.

© Hervé Richaud, 2017.
© Hervé Richaud, 2017.
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