SHADES OF A QUEEN x Mmalgosi Tsogang Kgabi

Germany/South Africa

Mmakgosi Kgabi has, from the end of her studies in dance and theatre in Johannesburg, collaborated with Mbogeni Ngema with whom she begins her career at the national and international level. In 2007, she moved to Germany where she made her first creations, some in collaboration with Juliana Piquero and Mamela Nyamza.

SHADES OF A QUEEN is a solo performance, an experimental work that questions the construction of identities.

Based on personal experiences in the public space, Mmakgosi's performance confronts the rituals of construction and identification with the complexity of multiple and cross identities.

She places the audience at the heart of the performance through conversations she conducts with him around a central questioning: the affirmation of a queer identity.

© Thomas Aurin