Transform! First Festival of contemporary queer arts in Marseille, above ground festival, out of norms, TRANSFORM! is an unlikely and sensible meeting point between extraordinary artists and a curious public.

Villa Alliv, the residence of contemporary graffiti artists, is transformed for the last weekend of November into a vibrant epicenter of what makes us, of what constitutes us: our sexualities, our bodies, our desires, our plural identities.

Eclectic, enjoyable, exciting and challenging, TRANSFORM!'s programming invites you to performative concerts with I APOLOGIZE, Jean Luc Verna's band, and Emasculation, a group with songs with misandre and feminist lyrics, live sets with Dj LOTIC and Dj BAD BAD, Gender Lupanar and Cannibalperformances by Hugo Bo Chanel - Friends, Rébecca Chaillon and Elsa Monteil.

After these two evenings, a sunday all public with Fou Cheval a clown solo by Gulko, the retro futuristic museum of the Platons and the live realization of a fresco by Kashin.

TRANSFORM! Is a creative and creative movement, in thought and practice. An invitation to open up our perceptions, to venture on borders, to enter into trouble and complexity, to defuse prejudices and certainties. He is interested in ways of representing, being and living outside the normative assignments and the usual invisibilizations

TRANSFORM! Is a wild herb, a wild shoot that will reappear in the gaps of our society. Culture to follow!!

At the crossroads of gender, social and sexual norms, the TRANSFORM Festival! offers a rich and eclectic program of the Queer contemporary art scene :

© Chloé Cherblanc, 2015


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