© Maxime Grimardias

In my drawing is a multimedia performance in which Jenny Charreton questions her gender transition as a returnless start. 

Alone on stage, she recreates the universe in which she evolves, in which fragments of poetic writing, electronic music, drawings, digital puppets and testimonies intertwine in perfect synchrony.

One more day, she tells: her fears, her joys, her strength and anger, the memory of her murdered and suicided pairs. With modesty, naivety and gravity, she gradually paints the intimate portrait of a trans woman struggling to speak.

"Do you know why trans people are not afraid in the dark?

Because we are the monsters of your stories Slice the flesh take out the udders cut the penises
Open the gorges and you will find

The horror of under the bed"

Carried and directed by Jenny Charreton, also in composition, writing, plastic creation and technical creation.

Writing : Luz Volckmann
Creation aid: Clémence Da Silva
Aid for plastic creation : Magali LévêqueCoproduction : Festival des Arts et Créations Trans, L’Echangeur – CDCN

Support and reception in residence : Théâtre des Clochards Célestes – Lyon, Centre culturel de Bonnefoy et Mairie de Toulouse, Théâtre de l’Elysée – Lyon, Collectif La Méandre – Chalon sur Saône, La Chartreuse – Centre National des écritures du spectacle – Villeneuve les Avignon

With the participation of the Device for Multimedia and Digital Artistic Creation du Centre National du Cinéma et du Conseil Départemental de la Haute Garonne

Performance / La Chapelle

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