TRANSFORM! 2nd edition of the Festival of Contemporary Queer Arts in Marseille.

THE DEVIATION, a place of production, experimentation and artistic research, carried by the association En Devenir since its creation in October 2012, is transformed for the penultimate weekend of April into a vibrant epicenter of what makes us, of what we constitutes: our sexualities, our bodies, our desires, our plural identities.

Eclectic, enjoyable, exciting and stimulating, the trans-FORM program invites you with Friday Night: François Chaignaud' oi: 2 sessions of an intimate solo, wandering and metamorphosis, inspired by sacred Indian dances. Mmakgosi Tsogang Kgabi - Shades of a Queen: Solo performance-conversation about building a queer identity at multiple crossroads. Then Set DJ with Marion (La Klepto) who breaks down genres, cuts and samples sounds.

Saturday night: Dance performance by Alejandro Flores - Paul Kaplan: which highlight the bodies through materials, lights and set design. Jérôme Marin's Cabaret Queer - Antoine Bernollin-Monsieur K: a Ball of Illusions, a chaotic and imaginary ballad in the cabaret song; an accomplice "public release." And Set Live Deena Abdelwahed: from the Tunisian alternative scene, a dose of innovation and experimentation to Electro Dance Music. Streaming: Screenings, Bar, Fooding.

© Lionelle Lajeune, 2017


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