TRANSFORM! - festival of contemporary queer creations - returns for its 3rd edition with an ever more festive, contemporary, nomadic and militant spirit. 

After Villa Alliv in November 2015, the Deviation in April 2017, meeting from 4 to 12 September in 3 locations in Marseille: Videodrome 2, KLAP House for Dance, Montevideo art center.

This year again the programming of TRANSFORM! says the dynamism, the struggles, the struggles and the societal commitments of the collective IDEM by showing the vitality of minority and invisibilised cultures in the face of racial, cultural, gender and sexual orientation, of which they are victims.

To be a homo, dyke, trans *, intersex is to be in the minority estimated at more than 10% of the population.

To be to be in the estimated minority of more than 30% of the population.

Being a woman * means being in the majority whereas being minorised.

To think of contemporary queer programming with these elements as a basis for reflection is to think TRANSFORM! in terms of deconstruction and decolonization.

Deconstruction of our structures of thought, by questioning them on their misogynistic, LGBTphobic, colonial and slave foundations.

Decolonialization of bodies, genres, memories, imaginations, arts and culture, rethinking our relationship to power and privileges to fight all forms of domination and invisibilisation.

So again this year, TRANSFORM! shows the plurality of what makes us, what constitutes us: our sexualities, our bodies, our desires, our plural identities, our multiple cultures.

Happy festival to all, 

The IDEM collective


© John Deneuve, 2018


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