TRAUMBOY x Daniel Hellmann · KLAP

Daniel is a singer, performer, theatre and dance creator.
Daniel studied philosophy, lyrical singing and theatre.
Daniel founded 3art3 in 2012 and Untold in 2014.
Daniel is a sex worker. In the Performance Traumboy, he shares his experiences without shame, with frankness and interactively.
Traumboy questions the hypocrisy of the norms of our capitalist and hyper-sexualized society.
The emphasis on male prostitution allows us to escape the usual discourse about the exploitation and suffering of vulnerable women, thus surveying power relations in a more subtle way.
The artist's body becomes a projection surface for the fears, fantasies, contradictions of his clients or the public.
Are the limits of your mind where you expected them?

With Traumboy, Daniel Hellmann leads us to scrutinize our sexual ideals and question one's conception of ourselves as a sexualized being.



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