An emblematic artist of the Palestinian underground community, SAMA' is the first DJ to have imported the Techno movement to Ramallah.
Pianist from a young age, she started mixing in 2006 for parties organized around
Ramallah, before starting to produce his own music in 2010.
Its sound: a powerful techno, both dry and musical, all with a twist quite personal. SAMA' has mixed in several events in the Middle East (Cairo, Amman, Ramallah, Haifa) and Europe (London, Wales, Paris, Antwerp, Bordeaux, Marseille, Rome).
In May 2016, SAMA' partnered with Eka3, Egypt, the first regional platform dedicated to the promotion, production, distribution and booking of independent artists from around the world.
Arabic. With them, she founded the region's first music publishing agency, AWYAV.

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