HIJAB x Ahmed Umar · KLAP

"The Hijab collection" is a series of amulets inspired by an annual Sufi protection practice. 

"Hijab", which comes from the verb protect, cover or hide, is in the popular context applied to all objects that carry luck and protection from evil fate.

Ahmed Umar's project is a declaration of resistance to all forms of cultural and social denigration, while valuing his family heritage with pride and respect.
Ahmed Umar is Sudanese and has lived in Norway since 2008. A multidisciplinary artist, he lives and practices in Oslo. 

After graduating from Oslo Fine Arts in 2016, his art is largely influenced by his cultural background in a society structured around religion and strict respect for traditions.

He uses different mediums: sculptures, jewelry, performance and painting. He has exhibited in various international museums and galleries (FORMAT, Kunstnerforbundet, Kunstnernes Hus, Museum of Cultural History Oslo, ArtFair Soumi, Finland and Kunsthall Oslo). In 2017, its installation HIJAB (annual protection) won the prize for young Norwegian creation. Umar is also involved in HIV prevention (PrEP) in Norway. 


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