On a proposal from the IDEM Collective, for its 3rd edition, the TRANSFORM! Festival, in partnership with Art-Cade Galerie Bains Douches, leave CARTE BLANCHE to Artist John Deneuve for a selection of erotic-pornographic cinema unpublished in Marseille.

John Deneuve's programming comes in parallel with his exhibition "Bad girls go to hell" at Art-cade Gallery of the Great Baths showers (August 31-October 6).
It will echo the different concepts discussed in her compositions and pieces.
At the frontier of different genres and aesthetic categories, the work of artist John Deneuve explores the code of genres to question the pitfalls of unique thinking.

© James Bidgood, 1971.
© James Bidgood, 1971.

 - Prohibited under 18s -

4 September – 8:30PM

"Puce Moment" - Kenneth Anger - 1949, USA, 6 min, VOSTFR.

"Puce Moment" is a short film by Kenneth Anger based on an unfinished project called "Puce Women". This feature film was to feature 1920s Hollywood actresses walking around at several times of the day in a nostalgic atmosphere. Only these hypnotic six minutes were shot during which the actress Yvonne Marquis chooses her dress and prepares before going for a walk her dogs.

"Pink Narcissus" - James Bidgood - 1971, USA, 1:11, VOSTFR

"Pink Narcissus" is a 1971 American film directed by James Bidgood, visualizing the erotic fantasies of a young gay man. Between the visits of his clients, a beautiful young prostitute (Bobby Kendall), alone in his apartment, masturbates while fantasizing about a world of which he is the central character. He sees himself, for example, as a matador, a slave of ancient Rome but also Narcissus, the mythological character so beautiful, that when he sees his reflection in the water, he falls in love with himself.

5 September – 8:30PM

"Multiple Orgasm" - Barbara Hammer - 1976, USA, 6 min, sound

Fingers, a vagina... Six minutes of fun! 

"Bijou" - Wakefield Poole - 1972, USA, 1:17, VOSTFR

In the street, a construction worker witnesses an accident. He steals the bag from the injured woman, and once at home, examines its contents. There he finds an invitation ticket to the Bijou club. On the spot, he discovers a dreamlike world where erotic fantasies become reality. Signs ask him to take off his shoes and then his clothes. In an unreal landscape, he meets another naked man, with whom he makes love. Other men then enter and...


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