Découvrez La banquette avec Les Platonnes, projet monumental où chacun des 7 discours du Banquet originel de #Platon fait l’objet d’une réécriture soigneusement #féministe.

Presented under a polymorphic performance orchestrated by a historian and philosopher (Kristina Mitalaité, Nariné Karslyan) and an artist (Nicole Miquel), this second appearance of the Platons will take the form of a travelling museum.

Leaving the phallogophage banquet for a retro-futuristic museum dedicated to the "Sex Wars" era, they once again invited women artists from various backgrounds.

Presenting a complete range of works, the museum takes the form of a black screen with drawers, knowingly elegant, with blood-red enclaves. It is a double tribute to the modernist femininities embodied by the female artists of the beginning of the last century, and to the Pandora's box.
By this double evocation the Platons come out of the historical linear time dominated by the victors, the men, and enter the "time of women", more circular, referring to the revolutionary movements
An intriguing and politicized visit/performance, the artists guide the visitor through the mazes of their minds and invite you to get lost in the museum of their thoughts.
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